Thursday, August 30, 2007

Libby Turns 2!

Happy, Happy Birthday!

I can hardly believe our baby girl turned two today! I think she definitely understood that today was her special day. She had fun opening presents and got lots of great clothes, a princess tent for her and Shelby to play in, and her own baby car seat and accessories! We plan on having cake and ice cream on Sunday with Grandpa Hobbs and the Traveller clan. The smile you see was a permanent part of her face today. What would our lives be like without Libby!?! Thank goodness for surprises!

Back to School

Cache is the the 2nd Grade with Mrs. Beck as his teacher!

Cooper is in the 1st Grade with Mrs. Freeman as his teacher.
It was back to school time for us this past Monday. The boys were very excited to start learning again as well as see their friends. I shared in their enthusiasm as I realized we would have a little structure again and I might be able to get caught up on a few things! They both got great teachers and even have good friends in their classes. Shelby and Libby have enjoyed having Mommy all to themselves, but also get excited when it's time to pick up the boys! I can't believe I have two in school all day! I do find that I miss them....just a little!