Monday, March 30, 2009

A MIA Apology

Yesterday afternoon I spent a little over an hour viewing all the blogs on my list. It made me realize how behind I am! (Not that the Halloween pictures below would give me any indication of my last blogging moment.) Anyway, to all of you who check my blog frequently, I AM SORRY! I do feel I have been missing in action, but I am going to attempt to update a few things. This might have to suffice for my blog today, but I will try and add some photos and journaling assuming the kids cooperate with my idea of how the rest of the evening is going to go.

I do want all of my wonderful friends and family to know how great you each are. I read your blogs, smile at your life adventures, see your darling children, read about your creative projects, hear of your trials, and am so uplifted by the fact that you are all a part of my life. Thanks for being my friend and loving me despite all my faults and failures.

Stay tuned for more to come...