Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where Is Tony?

For those of you who haven't seen Tony at recent family events, I thought I'd better show evidence of his "justified" disappearance. Over the past six months, Tony has gotten very serious about rebuilding his 1972 Chevy Blazer. He has researched doing this for years, but has recently made decisions about what he wanted the outcome to be and gotten the motivation to tackle the project. In order to fund this massive undertaking, he had to sell his blue blazer pictured below. I think he'd admit that it was a fair trade-off though! We are under a deadline to get the new blazer done. The boys are heading to Moab the first part of May, so there is still quite a bit to do before it's first showing. Nevertheless, here are a few photos of the rebuilding process...

New transfer case (That was expensive!)

New roll cage (I feel better knowing my boys are protected!)

New cage over the motor (Tony feels better knowing this is protected!)

Rear panels that have been shorted and narrowed!

An overall look!
I plan on posting before and after pictures of it when it is all done. For now, there are just a few final things to do to the body and cage before it is taken apart and off to be painted. Then it is time to put it all back together! As fun as this has been for Tony and the boys, I am anxious for it to be done. My honey-do-list is nearly a mile long! I can wait though...only 4 more weeks!