Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Winter Swimming

I realized that the girls were getting cabin fever when they begged me to wear their swimming suits in the bathtub. I gave in and indulged them, but the next thing I knew they had swim toys and inflatable tubes in as well. I'm amazed they didn't go for the swim noodles! I guess this is how we swim in Idaho during the winter!

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

We experienced our first Pinewood Derby last month. Cache and Tony had a fun time creating the car. Things got a little hairy when it was deadline time, but as always, Tony came through with a solution. When the glue wouldn't dry hard enough to hold the weights, Tony drilled holes through quarters and screwed them in to weight the car. We all thought it was fitting that his car carried "cash"! They met the weigh in with perfection...exactly 5 ounces on the first try! Cache was thrilled with the custom stickers (his name, number, and flames) Tony had made just for the occasion. What a great Dad!