Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome Home

So, a little over a week ago, I was fortunate enough to attend Women's Conference with my Mom, Grandma, and sister-in-laws. Tony kept the kids at home and took good care of them while I was away. It was a nice break and much needed time to myself. It was also nice to come home and find all well here. I had to laugh at the little things that I noticed over the first couple days of coming back. I had to make a top 10 list of my discoveries...

10 Things That Tell Me I'm Home & I've Been Missed

1. Sticky fingerprints everywhere...door knobs, cabinet knobs, cupboards, fridge---a friendly reminder that the clean house I left is ready to be cleaned again!

2. Kids ready for some "real" food, not another sandwich!

3. Children arguing in church the next morning over who gets to sit by Mom.

4. Cache's surprise haircut--Thank You! That needed to be done!

5. Cooper's non-stop details about the RC he researched on the internet...He couldn't wait to show me!

6. Two little blond visitors in bed with me the first night home...can you say sardines?!?

7. "Welcome Home" sign made by Shelby & Libby with a little help from Grandpa & Grandma Traveller!

8. "Welcome Home" treat...chocolate chip cookies made by Tony and kids...So, you can bake!

9. Libby's smile when she woke up and realized I was home.

10. Shelby's hug and the words, "I just love you so much!"

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sad News

Just an update on our pregnancy... This past thursday I went in for my 17 week appointment and the doctor was unable to detect a heartbeat. After an ultrasound confirmed things, we scheduled surgery for a D&E the following day. Needless to say we are all still in shock, but the surgery went well. I am feeling quite a bit better physically today and over time I know the emotional struggles will pass. The doctor couldn't see any obvious problems with the baby or the umbilical cord upon removal, but further testing will be done on the baby as well as myself in a couple weeks to see if we can determine what went wrong. We may never know, but find comfort in knowing that this was nature's way of taking care of an unhealthy baby. Thank you to all for your concern and prayers in our behalf.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

We're So Lucky!

Most of you already know of our exciting news, but with St. Patrick's Day in a few days I thought I would formally share our luck and announce that we are expecting! This past year has quite a journey for Tony and I. We felt very content with our family, but Heavenly Father has a way of altering thoughts and feelings. After many impressions, lots of prayer and fasting, we came to terms with what Heavenly Father had in store for us. We truly are excited for the changes that lie before us. Our kids definitely share in the excitement as well. I am due September 9th and feel pretty lucky!