Tuesday, November 4, 2008


With the changing of the leaves, comes another trip to Moab. This time, we took the Wards with us. After a lot of stress and disappointment, they left their Bronco at home and rented a Jeep Rubicon instead. Tony put it to the test and it (and it's driver) did great! Thanks for coming with us!
Through the crack!

Cache driving...gas, brake, & steering! Should I be worried? I guess this is a typical Moab thing. At least he'll know how to drive by the time he's 15.

White Knuckle Hill. Notice that I got out and Cache got in. He is just like his Dad!

Another crazy descent!


Amanda said...

That looks really scary.

Tony said...

Just plain awesome! I love the old blazer! White knuckle is a bi@$#!

Nicole said...

I'm just glad we all lived through it :) It was a lot of fun! - you guys are great!